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    Rules- Please Read


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    Rules- Please Read

    Post  Lordoc on Fri Apr 24, 2009 7:05 pm

    Before posting, you must read this rules. They are simple rules that you need to respect.

    Personal Information
    This is just a forum, this is not the government asking you to put personal information. Please do not share personal information such as: Adress, Phone Number, City, etc....

    Multiple Accounts On The Forum
    We don't want users to be on two accounts at the same time. Each user is to have only 1 account online. If you share computers make sure that your sharing friend/ brother/ sister/ ETC is logged out of any other browser thats opened.

    We do not accept spamming. If a moderator or administrator catches you spamming you will be given a warning. The second time will be a banned for 24 hours. It will be easier for you to get banned after the second time. If you get banned for 24 hours three times, Its an automatically Banned For Ever

    Double Posting

    Double posting is posting two or more times in arrow. Please wait for other users to posts, than you can post after him. If you don't like waiting. Select another category and start posting.


    Hacking is not allowed on this forum of any kind. I don't like hacking so please don't post any hacking programs as if you hack on Aqworlds your account will be deleted by artix or a moderator

    Threads Towards Another User

    Please don't post threads towards one user. We have a Private Message system which allows you to send messages to others.


    Once this forum gets full, there will be a popularity on other users. Please consider your self equal to others. Don't make fun of others just because they are not like you. This forum is about having fun and stuff.

    Advertising is not allowed on this forum, The only time you can advertise it when something useful is found from this Forum only... Advertising will get you caught and take -5000 gold off your Account...

    Click Here to know what you will be doing if you don't know

    Forum Staff
    Dragon Lord

    Staff Groups:
    Administrators- 1,000,000$ Peer Week
    Admin Assistant- 500,000$ Peer Week
    Moderators- 50,000$ Peer Week
    TP- 700,000$ Peer Week
    AP-120,000$ Peer Week
    IP-70,000$ Peer Week
    BP-40,000$ Peer Week

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